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Advantages for pharmacies

Here is a list of benefits for pharmacies working with Medic Resources.

Advantages for pharmacists

Here is a list of benefits for pharmacists working with Medic Resources.

Advantages for ATP’s

Here is a list of benefits for ATP’s working with Medic Resources.

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Pharmacy Substitution Agency
Why Medic Ressources

At Medic Resources, our mission is to provide qualified employees to meet the operational needs of pharmacies. Our motto is '' Professional, Reliable and Mindful ''. In the health and customer service field, we consider professionalism to be the cornerstone for patient satisfaction. Since we offer a replacement service, reliability is non negotiable among our recruits. Finally, we ask our employees to be as mindful about their work as when they are for a regular employer. In return, we are committed to offering them benefits and working conditions that go above a mere competitive pay. We carefully designed a model to meet their specific demands while taking in account both pharmacists and ATPs. The use of the Agendrix application puts powerful, state-of-the-art tools at the disposal of employers and employees to manage replacement requests with ease and efficiency.

  • Best hourly rate for pharmacists

    Montreal area and surroundings

  • Working Standards for ATP

    holidays, labor standards

  • The lowest price on the market for our customer pharmacies

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  • Manage all your requests with a simple and effective application


With AGENDRIX, your working hours are accessible at all times. That's why we chose it.

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