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April 12, 2019

Advantages for pharmacies

Advantages Medic Resources – Pharmacies

  • One of the most competitive hourly rates on the market
  • Agendrix logoPowerful schedule application Agendrix simplifies using our services both on phone and computer
  • Put your requests and manage them directly on the application
  • Geolocated punch-in/out allows you to track the arrival and departure times of employees
  • Having direct access to our employees and the ability to see their availability which helps you prepare your schedules in advance
  • One total bi-weekly billing for all our replacements to facilitate accounting and payment
  • Modification of already approved shifts can be authorized and done directly in the app
  • If you already use the Agendrix application (200 pharmacies in Quebec), your replacement management will be greatly simplified
  • Direct messaging service with administration, pharmacists and ATPs
  • Qualified and very fast technical support to answer your questions regarding Agendrix