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April 12, 2019

Advantages for pharmacists

Benefit and advantages from working with Medic Resources – Pharmacists

  • Best hourly rate on the market $ 82/hr.
  • Use of Agendrix application on both your phone and the computer
  • Have direct access to shifts published by our customer pharmacies
  • Ability to specify your availabilities
  • Link your schedule to your favorite calendar program
  • If your pharmacy already uses Agendrix (200 pharmacies in Quebec), your regular work schedule and your replacement schedule will be in the same which will avoid shift conflicts
  • Ability to request a replacement or an exchange directly on the application
  • Messaging service with administration, pharmacies and colleagues
  • Geolocated punch-in/out allows you to track your arrival and departure times
  • In case of extension of an authorized shift, this can be documented during the punch-in/out
  • Qualified and very fast technical support to answer your questions about the application