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April 12, 2019

Guide and Instructions – Pharmacies

Instructions for pharmacies:

The person in charge of the schedules (often being the owner of the pharmacy) will be designated as supervisor of his branch in the Agendrix application. This position will allow him to access several options and very effective and well-designed parameters. Here are the most important ones:

  • Add and manage open shifts
  • Use filters to better visualize the schedule
  • Communicate directly with employees
  • Print the entire schedule
  • Manage requests for exchanges and replacements required by employees

However, there are other parameters that will be available to you but that you are asked not to use since they are reserved for members of the Medic Resources administration to ensure smooth operation and impeccable service to our customers. Here is a non-exhaustive and non-exclusive list of tools not to use:

  • Add, remove, archive or edit an employee’s file
  • Add a shift to an employee directly without his permission
  • Change or delete a shift of the schedule without the authorization of the employee and the approval of the administration of Medic Resources
  • Approve, modify or delete the availability submitted by an employee
  • Consult the employee’s schedule outside your branch (the option ” Hide background shifts ” must always be enabled)

Here are some videos and links to guide you in the operation of the Agendrix application as part of the use of our services at Medic Ressources

  • Intro :


Remember that you can, at any moment, contact Agendrix technical team for assistance. They answer as fast as possible and you can access that service both from your phone or your computer.